Becca’s Broccoli Beef

A simple yet yummy recipe I have combined and modified from other recipes. Serve over a bed of rice.


Mormy’s Kick-Ass Beef and Chorizo Chili

This makes for a mildly spicy chili but if you are feeling more adventurous (and I would recommend it) you can add more chili powder, cayenne pepper, and or red hot pepper flakes. Just make sure you use Gebhardts Chili Powder, its the best.

This chili also goes really well over cornbread. I recommend the Marie Callenders cornbread mix. Dont use the Jiffy cornbread because it sucks.


Grandma Mary Ellen’s Chili Gravy

This is one of the first meals I learned to cook, and there is a reason why I had mom teach me this first, I LOVE IT.  This is definitely my comfort food.  I don’t know where mom learned this … Continue reading