The Adventures of Becca & John

John and I went to the coast for Labor Day weekend. Our destination was Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and a drive through Soquel for Saturday and then Capitola Beach Sunday for the annual “Begonia Festival”.
Our weekend started early Saturday morning about 5 a.m. with our drive to the Boardwalk and then spending the day walking and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the Boardwalk and the Wharf. We mostly window shopped and didn’t go on any rides, both of us were okay with that (me getting motion sick is always a downfall at amusement parks) and of course I did my usual people watching and commenting. It was a lot of fun searching for the perfect souvenir which this time was an Octopus sticker. After leaving the Boardwalk and before heading to our B & B we drove through the little town of Soquel that John lived in when he was in elementary. We drove by the house he and his mom lived in, the little store he and his mom walked to often that is just down the country road and his elementary school all of which are along the same road. It is a very pretty little town, its hard to believe that just a few miles away is the city of Santa Cruz. We then drove to Bolder Creek where we had a room in a beautiful B & B home. A charming Victorian with a wrap around porch that led to our own private entrance. Our room was beautifully decorated and very welcoming. I could have stayed there for much longer than the overnight stay we had. I got to sit next to their koi pond and pick apples from the tree in the back yard.

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